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Kitchen and Home

Experience cooking on an antique wood stove.

One day workshop -5 hrs.




$35 per person, 

( Fridays or Saturdays only)

Especially good for couples with one involved in other classes.



Morning session

 9:30 am - 12 pm



Afternoon session

 1:30 pm - 4 pm

Our Italian Heritage

Learn how to make homemade mozzarella cheese and pasta noodles to create a delicious lasagna from our family heritage.  Only available June 25. Registrations at least 3 days before workshop. Minimum 4 participants.


The Central New York 

Homemaker of the 1800's


Participate in several typical household chores from the 1800's such as  butter-making and cheese making, baking, sewing and gardening. Activities may vary  with the season. Registrations at least 3 days before workshop. Minimum 2 participants.



Home made Mozzarella Cheese



Checking the curds.

Separating the curds and wye.

Bobby holds around 5 pounds of curds.

The curds are cut into small blocks 

and placed in hot water. 



Mini Workshops

Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays

Morning Workshops  are 9:30-12:30.

Afternoon Workshops are 2:00-4:00



Learn a practical skill while still leaving plenty

 of time for shopping and relaxing in the countryside.





Bread Making - 3 hours (minimum 3 participants) $15/each. Bread making was the mainstay of the Middle Colonies, often referred to as "the Bread Colonies". Learn the old fashioned way of making bread in a wood cookstove. Registrations  3 days in advance.  Morning Workshop.  Available  June and September.



Tea Time - $15/person (minumum 3 participants) Reserve our patio pavilion for a scenic and quiet space for your tea party, or enjoy it indoors if weather. Enjoy homemade baked goods such as scones with Devonshire cream. After, enjoy a game of croquet on the middle lawn. Registrations at least a day in advance. Available May thru September.



Pie Making -3 hours (minimum 3 participants) $15/each.  Roll out your own pie crust and make a pie with fresh fruit from our area farms. You may choose to donate your pie to a local program. Registrations at least 3 days ahead. Morning Workshop. Available July, August and September.


Simple Sewing -2 hours (minimum 3 participants) $15/each includes supplies. Learn basic hand quilting techniques including heart applique. Registrations 2 days ahead.

Afternoon workshop. Available June thru September. 




Pickling and Preserving- 2 hours (minimum 3 participants) $20/each Preserve some summer garden vegetables with pickling using a country recipe. Registrations 3 days in advance. Afternoon Workshop. Available July and August.



Primitive Rug Hooking - 3 hours (minimum 3 participants) $50/each includes supplies- Using a handmade hook with a wooden handle, you’ll pull loops of wool through a woven base, creating a hand-hooked woolen rug in the same way as it was done in the 1800's. Registrations 2 days in advance

Morning Workshop. Available June thru September.



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