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The Farm

   Herkimer County is abundant with family dairy, beef, horse and vegetable farms. Our property was once a dairy farm with the last milking in 2002. Fresh paint, new fences, structure repair and maintenance have all been carefully done to preserve the integrity of our area, which was once a booming agricultural region. We are inspired by the revolutionary spirit that took place here in bygone years and current efforts to refreshen that spirit. We will always remember the past as we look to the future. To this end, our farm has animals similar to those of yesteryear. Our chicken coop provides enough eggs for our two families. We have just purchased a Jersey cow. Polly produces enough milk for both families, with plenty to spare for making butter and cheeses.  We have several  barn cats and two bunnies. A pair of wild ducks has found home near our pond, and deer and wild turkeys are often seen as well. We recently built some raised garden beds which will be home to a cook's garden. Our fields are being utilized by a local farmer for haying and crops.


Our new lawn mower "Polly" keeps the pond mowed.

Polly's trying out her new stall.

Bobby's Chicken coop.



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