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The play list is 1.Joys Of Quebec 2.East Virginia 3. Lone Star Rag 4.Rabbit In The Log 5.You Go To Your Church 6.Flop Eared Mule 7.Cotton Eyed Joe 8.John Hardy 9.Good Night Ladies.
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BLUEGRASS music and and front porch picking,
GIBSON Mandolins,
FAMILY singing and picking,

  Anyone interested in the old time traditions of family get togethers, good times with old friends, and playing the songs that have survived so many years are welcome at this site.
We are a family band.
The Six members
Joanne Delnero
Mark Leveille
Joe Shinn
Mike Delnero
Bob Delnero 
John Delnero 
  We meet two nights a week, Wed. is Irish, and Fri. all bluegrass.
  We live in Fort Plain, New York and we invite you to drop us a line, lets all do what we can to keep this great old traditional music alive and growing!!!!
Three Mandolins

Musical Instruments:

1920 Gibson A-4 1993 Gibson F-5 Monroe 1985 Kentucky KM1500 F-5




I am always interested in buying or just talking about them.

GIBSON mandolins

I am playing a Gibson F5 Monroe model # 20 of 200

I would be interested in talking to anyone else playing one of them.

Gibson F5 Peghead
Gibson F5 Peghead
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Moose In The Woods


QUABBIN RESERVOIR, Landlocked Salmon,Lake Trout,Smallmouth Bass
CONNECTICUT RIVER, Catfish, Walleye, Smallmouth bass


Visit The Delnero Fine Furniture Gallery
522 Phillip Road
Fort Plain, New York

cuttthr Bob's Fishing Page
Visit Bob's Fishing Page

Visit the Delnero Family Directory
Bluejay Forrest

Music form the Smokey moubtains played on gibson mandolins in alabama, south carolina, west virginia, tennessee with martin guitars. North carolina's favorite flatiron banjo kentucky style bluegrass by bill monroe brothers and the stanley brothers plus the blue sky boys.
The Devil Went Down to Georgia for old timey old time time banjo music in the blue ridge mountains with banjos, mandolins, on mandolin, red neck guitar. String clawhammer style banjo and fiddles. Fiddle or violin can paly celtic, harp or hornpipes. For hornpipe jigs, Irish jig, reels and Irish reels.
Irish folk clogging and front porch picking. Neck and fret key tuning peg head. Play cotton pickin square dance music for squaredancing by hillbilly riffs. Acoustic guitar or dobro can pick a chord or tabs on instrument with western hank williams. Roy Clark. Musician country line dacing boot scootin boogie hank snow.
John denver rocky mountain high to twang the cottoneye joe and pluck a dulcimer for bubba. Bocephus and glen campbel is scottish in the great smokies.